Benefits of Vending vs Traditional Business Models

September 3, 2021

In today’s crowded marketplace, there are hundreds of “out the box” businesses you can invest in. From axe throwing experiences to sandwich shops, it’s difficult to know which one is gonna be a winner. These types of businesses often incur many challenging variables such as labor intensive operations and high startup fees. But what if there was another way to passively make thousands of dollars annually?

Kiosk based vending is a unique business in that nearly every sale results in a huge net gain. Traditional models often make your margins very thin once overhead and inventory costs are factored in. But the kiosk model offers flexibility for their operators.

1. No Employees Needed

Off the bat let’s discuss the biggest benefit to a vending kiosk business- never having to employ anyone. Long gone are the days of crunching payroll, arranging schedules, and paying benefits. In a kiosk model, there is only 1 person to worry about- yourself. Kiosks are easy to maintain and don’t require more than a few hours of attention outside of a busy daily schedule. With a rapidly shrinking pool of workers in today’s economy, why not look to businesses that work around the problem entirely?

2. No Expiration Dates

Kiosk businesses look to chip away at verticals that are always in demand. Food, beverage, electronics, and many other industries have adopted this. However, when your kiosk offers products that can never go bad and don’t have to be cycled out, you’re not incurring unnecessary losses. Take for example kiosks which vend perishable food products. If that machine was in an office building during March 2020, odds are most of that food was never sold and had to be thrown away. If you sell products with either a long shelf life or no shelf life, you are ensuring that you make back every penny you’ve invested.

3. Premium Vending Products Are Profitable

The most common kiosk items are items we all know- chips, sodas, candies, and sweets. These items are typically prices between the $1-$2 mark. But what if there was a product with the same input cost but nearly triple the income? Reusable water bottles retail anywhere from 25-45$ regularly.

Thinking about BottleHub?

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