Help your school eliminate single-use plastic water bottles!

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You share in any profits which you can use for fundraising efforts, extra curricular programs and more!

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Schools everywhere are moving
away from single-use plastics!

In 2050

...there will be more plastic,
than fish in the sea.


...can lead the charge against
plastics on your campus!

World's only kiosk designed for the

'New Normal'

World's only kiosk designed for the

New Normal

Contactless payment / Credit, debit, NFC, Apple Pay/Android Pay

Cloud-based inventory monitoring

Stocks with approx. 168 bottles depending on configuration
(bottles sold empty)

UV-C sterilization of water spout, the water and the collection area for the bottles

22 inch digital display provides a 30 second video on a continuous loop

11X Filtration system requires no maintenance

Zero-touch payment & vend.

Filtered & sterilized for safety.

Filtered & sterilized for safety.

Popular bottle styles among students.

Add your school's logo!

Personalize bottles with your
school's logo!

Easy Installation on your Campus!

Find a location at your school with a water supply

Let us fill inventory or you can self-operate the kiosk

Benefit: ReceiveĀ a share of sales and go plastic-free!

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Each Sale Helps Environmental Organizations

When you purchase a BottleHub Kiosk, 1% of the proceeds are donated to organizations whose mission is to end single-use plastic bottle usage around the world.

Additionally, we look to bring educational resources, sponsorship dollars, and local/national legislative support to the following goals:

1. Waste reduction from single-use plastic water bottles
2. Lowering Co2 emissions via reusable bottles
3. Bring awareness to ecosystem destruction from plastics
4. Increase safe hydration in kids & adults

Help ban the bottle on
your campus!