Help your school eliminate single-use plastic water bottles!

  • 100% Contactless For Safety
  • 11X Filtered Water Refill Station
  • Small footprint Kiosk
  • Capitalize on the fast growing trend to reuseable water bottles!

Vends popular brands kids love!

Lead the charge against plastics on your campus!

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Schools everywhere are trending
away from single-use plastics!


"New Normal"

Contactless payment / Credit, debit, NFC, Apple Pay/Android Pay

Cloud-based inventory monitoring

Carries approx. 168 bottles depending on bottle configuration

UV-C sterilization of water spout, the water and the collection area for the bottles

22 inch digital display provides a 30 second video on a continuous loop

11X Filtration system requires no maintenence

Easy Installation on your Campus!

Find a location on your campus with a water supply

Let us fill inventory or you can self-operate the Kiosk

Benefit: Receive a share of sales and go plastic-free!

Our Cause


The BottleHub Cause was founded alongside the BottleHub Kiosk as a way to bring attention to the important issues surrounding single-use water bottle usage around the world.

We hop to bring educational resources, financial assistance, and local/national legislative support to the following goals:

1. Reduce waste from single-use plastic water bottles
2. Lower the Carbon Footprint for locations that adopt our kiosk
3. Bring awareness to ecosystem destruction from plastics
4. Increase safe hydration in kids & adults

Help ban the bottle on your campus!​