Reusable Water Bottle Vending is the Future of Passive Vending

August 2, 2021

Throughout America, many small businesses invest in profit centers besides their main vertical. Pizza places will have arcades, grocery stores will have cell phone recycling stations, and the list goes on. But there is a new type of kiosk, BottleHub which has been proven to make thousands of dollars annually per kiosk.

Many business owners fail to realize that they are literally sitting right on top of spaces they can use for a wide variety of kiosks. Many retailers have taken the leap to subscribe to various programs whether they be coin op kiosks such as amusement or machines which pay out for old phones, there is another serious money making opportunity which has gained traction.

Reusable water bottles have become a huge part of our everyday world in the last decade or so. The so-called “Green Revolution” continues to sweep the younger generation off its feet as well as convert some older generations. You might be asking yourself “how do reusable water bottles make me money?” The truth is that they are so popular that operators have shown upwards of $20,000 worth of sales in the first year.

Particularly now, water sources are hard to find. Besides having to buy from traditional and environmentally harmful sources, there really was nowhere for conscious consumers to refill their water bottles. Consumers are beginning to gauge their interest in visiting certain locations based on their ability to stay hydrated.

Take for example your local drugstore or high school. Oftentimes these types of locations have 20 square foot areas that are just empty for the sake of being empty. It makes sense- the school had never planned to put anything there in a hallway. Maybe the drug store had just left the space unoccupied because they put promotional products there sometimes.

But what if 20 square feet was all you needed to net a huge addition in revenue annually?

Let’s take a look at a few different types of locations where bottle vending kiosks meet expectations and even exceed them as sources of passive income.

Schools & Universities

Due to the current landscape, schools face unprecedented challenges, from connecting with their communities to handling decreased budgets. Schools are actively seeking new and exciting ways to raise funds in the new normal. Vending kiosks are a flexible way for schools to continue fundraising despite the circumstances. This school fundraising idea empowers educators and other professionals to sustain operations and keep students engaged outside of the classroom. 

Vending kiosks as a fundraising medium provide a lesson in small-scale global philanthropy. As the industry leading bottle provider, Bottlehub will facilitate your campaign at no cost, provide you with marketing materials and fundraising coaching, and install the kiosk at no cost to you, and engage your community in new ways. 

Finally, your school receives a check! With Bottlehub, schools and organizations have made thousands of dollars after just six weeks. Not all fundraising opportunities can offer this level of success, so check out our explainer video for more information on how this kind of fundraising campaign works: (re purpose video for schools).

Hotel & Hospitality

The only constant is change. If there’s an industry that this mantra applies to best it’s hotel management. Keeping up with the constant demands of the ever-so-fickle traveler is a real challenge. You can never know for certain if making a decision based on consumer trends will lead to success or failure until after you’ve made it. 

Take, for example, the rise in popularity of vending kiosks. In lieu of traditional sundries, many managers have fit these mini convenience markets into the design of their lobby so guests can easily grab a snack during their stay. But should your hotel jump on board? Will vending machines no longer be a viable option for hotels? We definitely think so- and here’s the proof.

Throughout the global health crisis, many basic functions of hotels have been scaled back. Free continental breakfasts were cut short at most establishments and the everyday traveler suddenly found themselves looking for dining and refreshment solutions. 

One particular need of any traveler is water. Whether they are in town for a family function or work conference, they will need water. So why not provide them with an all in one solution to both which makes your hotel a great deal of revenue! Travelers are already willing to pay $3-5 on average for a disposable bottle of water. But they’d be even more inclined to purchase a reusable water bottle for a slightly higher price and get unlimited refills.

Airports & Public Transit

One industry which has seen great innovations to adapt to the times is air travel. Never before has an entire vertical had to innovate their operations as quickly as airports and airlines. As travelers begin to return to their normal patterns, many consumers are seeking updated options in their local terminals. 

Many options for the thirsty traveler were unfortunately done away with due to hygiene concerns, and many businesses within terminals have had a difficult time finding labor. An automated kiosk with the ability to meet the demands of hundreds of people daily surely will leave a positive impact. 

Airports such as SFO have already entered into the process of banning single use plastic in regards to water. It is predicted that by 2026 most airports in the United States will adopt similar policies, forcing consumers to adopt the reusable bottle.

Ready to make the switch?

Water bottle vending is a lucrative business opportunity poised to explode in the next few years. With the onset of the green revolution, the change in traveler expectations, as well as shifting attitudes towards retail, there has never been a better time to invest in a stable and sustainable future. 

Contact our location specialists to request information or even a site survey to determine your potential for (risk-free!) income.