Safewater Station and SafeSip Refill Station

Revolutionary new “automated retail” kiosk that offers consumers the ability to purchase top branded reusable water bottles and also fresh filtered water through the SafeSip water refill station together in a convenient, more “virus free” and affordable way.  The kiosk was designed with features like UV-C sterilization in both the water and surfaces along with contactless refill sensor and contact free payment systems to provide peace of mind for people in public environments.



Revolutionary patented and contact free method of dispensing reusable water bottles and pure filtered 

chilled water with zero contact providing employees, customers, staff and visitors fresh water without fear in a more “virus-free” environment.

  • Contactless refill and payment systems
  • Far UV-C sterilization of water and high-touch surfaces.
  • Anti-microbial surfaces in the SafeSip water refill area
  • Pure refreshing, filtered and chilled water
  • Allows for full Inventory control and loss prevention on a high priced product / reusable water bottles

Water Quality / SafeSip Refill Station

Our purified filtered water goes through a multi-step 7 process: water softener which removes excess minerals, activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, 3 stage microfiltration, UVC light treatment, additional activated carbon filtration and finally ozonation.
The New Normal Of Retail

Our Story

SafeSip Features

  • Contact free UVC-LED treatment at the dispense point and of the water
  • Waterways are lead-free in materials & construction
  • Autofill sensor allows for independent contactless water fill activation process
  • Integrated back-lit bottle counter
  • Built in filter monitor
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel frame

Digital Display

22 inch interactive touch screen that displays video messages relevant to each their respective location audience.

Experienced Team

We are experienced product developers and with experience engineering everything from the current pilot program to rapid multifaceted nationwide deployments. The team is designing an ongoing, service and maintenance plan, reusable water bottle planogram and distribution model and ongoing operational logistics and product upgrades.

Proprietary Technology

Our team has focused on the ongoing development of proprietary and patented technology  to maximize customer interaction along with ongoing field support operations. 


Hydration has become one of the greatest obsessions of the newest consumer class. Millennials and Generation Z have taken to reusable water bottles in an unprecedented way. The market is valued at almost $18 billion globally and is seeing exponential growth in the age of sustainability.

The future of water is not in plastic bottles which end up littered and polluting the planet. It will be in reusable water bottles which now take the place alongside sunglasses and watches as status symbols.


Single use plastic is one of the single biggest scourges on the environment today. The pacific garbage patch is now bigger than Texas and growing rapidly. Safe Sip’s aim is that through a sustainable solution we can help reduce a person’s carbon footprint and 

work towards ending single use plastic. 

By vending high quality top  branded bottles, Safe Sip will attract and entice the conscious consumer to do the right thing. One reusable water bottle can be filled in theory an unlimited amount of times. Every fill helps take a bottle out of the ocean.  


One of Safe Sip’s unique and innovative offerings is the evolution of non invasive sanitation for end users. A combination of UVC lighting and a sealed filling area allows for a safe and secure filling process. 


Many alternatives on the market cut corners when it comes to filling. They are usually open air, unsanitized, and unregulated. Often they are installed and left with little “sanitation” oversight.  Safe Sip Station solves many issues with our patent pending design.