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High demand vending​

Reusable water bottles are among the fastest selling consumer products

Easy revenue generator

Feel good about a clean source of income while helping the planet

Turn-key experience

Get your BottleHub up and going with only a water source hookup required

Fast growing trend

Companies and organizations everywhere are quickly going plastic-free

Help go 'bottle free'

Help locations lower their carbon footprint by reducing plastic usage

Minimal maintenance

​Cloud-based monitoring makes operating the kiosk a breeze!

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No experience required! Our kiosks are easy to stock and the water filters can be changed easily every 6-12 months. 

Financial requirements are mostly dependent on the number of machines you would like to include in your distributorship as well as the type of initial bottle inventory you would like to stock.

Depends on the traffic of the  locations that your kiosks are in as well as the price you set for your bottles. High traffic locations can make 10-15 vends per day.

We have a location team working with businesses in your area to find the best possible fit for your needs.

Bottles usually have to be replenished every 30-60 days while the water filters are changed out every 6-12 months. 

All bottleHub owners will be given access to an inventory portal. However you are welcome to stock the machines using another supplier if you wish.

Yes! Our payment partner Nayax allows you access to their full suite of cloud base inventory tracking. They even offer a mobile app so you can track sales on the go.