BottleHub Founder and CEO, James Trotter

BottleHub Kiosks Launch Nationwide To Help Ban Single-use Plastic Water Bottles

October 11, 2021

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – BottleHub, the world’s first reusable water bottle kiosk and fill station, is now taking applications for distributorships in select US markets. Designed to help schools and businesses move away from single-use plastic bottles, the machines vend popular brands of reusable bottles. Customers can then fill them using the adjacent reverse osmosis water station. “The growth of reusable water bottles has been meteoric and so we’re hoping to provide customers with a popular product in a convenient, yet socially responsible way,” says BottleHub CEO, James Trotter.

Some 50 billion plastic water bottles are consumed annually, and less than 25% end up in the recycle bin. From polluting landfills and oceans to disrupting fragile ecosystems, plastics will be one of the biggest challenges the world will face this century. Amazingly, it’s estimated that by 2050 there could even be more plastic in the sea than fish. “With the ever-growing threat of single-use plastic waste, we see a big need for BottleHub placements in locations all over the US to encourage drinking from reusable bottles and help lower the carbon footprints of schools and businesses,” emphasized Trotter. Places like the San Francisco International Airport, NYU and the entire California State University System have all recently banned plastic water bottles.

The project began last summer as a way to combat the closure of drinking fountains during COVID. “We were prototyping a contact-free drinking solution with UV-technology and thought, why not go one step further?” Trotter says. The updated kiosk now vends empty reusable bottles that are then filled via the germ-killing water fill station. “Safety continues to be key for us. Everything is contactless for the ‘new normal’ including the payment area.”

“Safety continues to be key for us. Everything is contactless for the ‘new normal’ including the payment area.”

When you purchase a BottleHub Kiosk, a portion of proceeds are donated to ‘1% for the Planet’ where the funds will go to organizations whose mission is to end single-use plastic bottle usage around the world. BottleHub Kiosks require little maintenance and no employees giving owners flexibility and little overhead costs. Limited distributorships are currently available in select markets and can be placed at local universities, malls, hospitals, workplaces, and more.