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Our founder with his background in kiosk development has partnered with an automated retail engineering team to develop the SafeSip Station. The team is designing an ongoing, service and maintenance plan, reusable water bottle planogram, distribution model and ongoing operational logistics and product upgrades.

We work hand in hand with large branded reusable bottle partners such as Hydro-Flask as well as our own SafeSip refillable brand of low cost reusable aluminum bottles. We aim to meet the needs of each location partner offering their employees and customers a safe, filtered and affordable reusable bottle of water that they can feel good about.

Proprietary Technology

Our team has focused on the ongoing development of proprietary and patent pending technology to maximize customer interaction along with ongoing field support operations.

Allows for full Inventory control and loss prevention on a high priced product reusable water bottles.

Want to Buy a SafeSip Station?

Become a SafeSip Location?

We have been overwhelmed with interest and purchase orders for SafeSip Station and are doing the best we can to increase production. Right now we are approximately 90 days back-logged in production.  Our production capacity is being dramatically expanded to meet demand.  If you are interested in buying or becoming a location for a SafeSip Station we would be happy to work with you to get you in line as production becomes available.