Be Part of the $8 Billion Dollar a Year Reusable Water Bottle Industry

Join the growing movement away
from single-use plastic bottles!

See How It Works:

Join the growing movement away from single-use plastic bottles!

See How It Works:

Tons of plastic waste dumped in the Worlds' oceans

Vends Top Reusable Bottle Brands


World's only kiosk designed for the


Contactless payment / Credit, debit, NFC, Apple Pay/Android Pay

Cloud-based inventory monitoring

Stocks with approx. 168 bottles depending on configuration
(bottles sold empty)

UV-C sterilization of water spout, the water and the collection area for the bottles

22 inch digital display provides a 30 second video on a continuous loop

11X Filtration system requires no maintenance


Refillable Bottle Can

MSRP ($2-4)

Reusable Bottle

MSRP ($15-20 for various sizes)


Pricing varies


The Commuter

Avg. Retail: $15-25.00
Wholesale Cost: $2-5.00

The Active

Avg. Retail: $15-25.00
Wholesale Cost: $3-6.00

The Leisure

Avg. Retail: $20-30.00
Wholesale Cost: $3-6.00

The Glam

Avg. Retail: $20-30.00
Wholesale Cost: $3-6.00

(Various colors and sizes available)


Operate your own!

Plan NOW for COVID Re-Openings

Invest and earn as routines normalize

We designed the BottleHub Kiosk to meet the EXPLODING demand for reusable water bottles and to safely vend water in a post COVID world. With many locations moving away from single-use plastic and new sanitary requirements for public drinking fountains, now is the perfect time to own a BottleHub Distributorship in your area!

Get your real estate before it's too late!

We have great locations ready to go in your area!

Retail Stores


Shopping Malls




High Schools


Theme Parks

Military Bases

Health Clubs

Cruise Ships

Don't miss the trend away from single-use plastics!

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Member Companies:

Each Sale Helps Environmental Organizations

When you purchase a BottleHub distributorship, 1% of the proceeds are donated to organizations whose mission is to end single-use plastic bottle usage around the world.

Additionally, we look to bring educational resources, sponsorship dollars, and local/national legislative support to the following goals:

1. Waste reduction from single-use plastic water bottles
2. Lowering Co2 emissions via reusable bottles
3. Bring awareness to ecosystem destruction from plastics
4. Increase safe hydration in kids & adults

Disrupt plastics, join the
BottleHub revolution!

Disrupt plastics, join the
BottleHub revolution!