SafeSip Refill Station



Contactless Refill

and Payment Systems

Revolutionary new “automated retail” kiosk that offers consumers the ability to purchase top branded reusable water bottles and also fresh filtered water through the SafeSip filtration process together in a convenient, more “virus free” and affordable way. The kiosk was designed with features like UV-C sterilization in both the water and surfaces along with contactless water refill sensor and contactless payment to provide peace of mind for people in high traffic locations.


Revolutionary, patent pending and contact free method of dispensing reusable water bottles and pure filtered chilled water with zero contact providing employees, customers, staff and visitors fresh water without fear in a more “virus-free” environment.

  • Contactless refill and payment systems
  • Far UV-C sterilization of water and high-touch surfaces.
  • 22 inch Digital Display provides a 30 second video on a continuous loop that provides a visual overview on the SafeSip Station process
  • Allows for full Inventory control and loss prevention on a high priced product / reusable water bottles


Sneak Peak of SafeSip Stations

purification process

Water Quality

SafeSip Refill Station

Our purified filtered water goes through a 11x water purification process; which includes a reverse osmosis system, sediment filter (rust, dirt, silt, sand, etc), granular activated carbon filter (chlorine, pesticides,unnatural tastes, odors, and other organic chemicals), activated carbon block (chlorine, insecticides, benzyne, and other organic chemicals), Alkaline mineralization (reintroduction of 5 healthy minerals), 3 stage microfiltration, UVC light treatment, activated carbon (100% coconut carbon) and finally ozonation and fast chilled process for the purest and coldest water possible.